Ken KochArchitectureCommunication Design
Screen, Athens
Competition, 2002
with Minh Nguyen, Catherine Vilquin

Contemporary cities offer plenty of different leisure spaces, which are more or less organised and predefined by the allocation of appropriate time and design of specific configurations. The additional implementation of leisure structures has to be subversive. Considering today’s lifestyle, the religion of screens, the overflow of displays in general, a more healthy, real and distressed environment turns out being necessary. Our proposal is a metaphor of screens, a serial composition of screens. Instead of plugging people into the digital overflow, we prefer to connect them to the physical space. The autonomous screens are units, series, settings, to be understood as a whole thought, to be read like a tale. The aim is not to instruct the observer but to give him information. Being used to a flattened view of mediocrity, the frames emphasise the presence of city, in so doing naked reality. The framed pictures are fast, slow, changing permanently, they clean and free from connotations imposed by today’s “screen-culture”. Between frame and observer is created an area of tension, an inner tension and anticipation and by that an attentive observation of the environment.